Fertilizers for the lawn: how to feed the lawn in spring, summer, and autumn

Fertilizers for the lawn: how to feed the lawn in spring, summer, and autumn

Lawns give the atmosphere of parks and squares and their own areas the correct lines, a sense of cleanliness and freshness. In order for the decorative plantations to grow as planned, you need to apply fertilizers on time and correctly to feed the lawn. Choose lawn fertilizer spreader for an easy way.

The regularity of the addition is dictated by the frequent cutting of the grass, which prevents the plants from accumulating nutritional power. There is an opinion that it is not worth fertilizing the lawn, otherwise the grass will grow too quickly. However, without maintenance, the coating will be sparse and dry, the density and juiciness will be lost, and with it the expected attractiveness.

In addition to complex fertilization, it is important to apply herbicides against weeds and common diseases. If you are only planning to sow the lawn on the site, it is advisable to carry out a herbicide treatment in advance in order to eliminate all weeds. Subsequently, nothing will interfere with the lawn coverage. When weeds grow on an existing lawn, selective herbicides such as Agrokiller will help. The tool destroys hogweed, dandelion, etc. Herbicides are mixed with water and sprayed with a solution of the lawn.

What elements are needed to feed the lawn

Despite the variety of lawn varieties, all plants need the essential nutrients phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. The former ensures the accumulation of nutrients and stimulates cellular metabolism. The second one increases the resistance of the grass to adverse weather. The third affects the rich color and growth, normalizes the water-salt balance. Deficiency of these nutrients is determined by the appearance of the lawn:

  • nitrogen – the grass grows slowly, turns pale;
  • phosphorus – the lawn becomes lilac, the grass becomes brittle;
  • potassium – burns appear on the grass.

When feeding the lawn in the spring, you should strictly follow the dosages indicated in the instructions for the preparations in order to avoid the death of the natural carpet. An oversupply of fertilizers for the lawn is no less harmful than their deficit. If there is too much nitrogen, the grass weakens and ages quickly. A lot of phosphorus – plant growth stops by blocking the access of other useful elements. Concentrated potassium burns the roots and kills plants.

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