Growing Wildflowers In the Garden

Growing Wildflowers In the Garden

One of the easiest type of flowers to grow in the garden is wildflowers. The reason is that these flowers are found in the wild. They have been growing for thousands of years without the need for human assistance. They are found throughout the entire world from snowy region to the desert region. Once they are established in their place, they can survive on their own without the need for weeding, pruning, and little or no watering at all.

When choosing which wildflower to grow in the garden, try to find one that are native in your area. By doing so, it’s a sure thing that they will survive. If you plant wildflowers that isn’t native to your area, they might not survive. However, it’s still possible to grow them if you wish. You will need to find out what type of soil, weather, and surrounding they are exposed to. By knowing this, you can mimic their environment and have a greater chance for them to surviving in a new climate zone.

Before planting the seeds, prepare the ground by removing any vegetation or weeds first. Next, take the seeds and mix it in a bucket with fine-grade builder’s sand. Use four parts sand to one part seed. This will help spread the seeds evenly throughout the garden. Once they are mixed, spread the seeds in a sweeping motion with your hand onto the garden.

After all the seeds are on the ground, water them until the ground is soaked. You will need to water them everyday until they grow to about 2 inches tall. After that, only water the wildflowers if the leaves is wilting or they look stressed.

In a couple weeks, the wildflowers will transform your garden into something spectacular. The garden will be full of colors and it will attract the bees and butterfly to them, and maybe even your whole neighborhood.

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