Make the life of seedlings and plantings bright!

Make the life of seedlings and plantings bright!

Growing a vegetable garden is not an easy task. More about 100 watt grow light for growing. Various factors and criteria can be an obstacle to the good maturation of plants and their fruits. Lack of sunlight is one of the key causes of the improper development of planted seeds. In our online store you can choose and buy a lighting kit specially designed for efficient growing in greenhouses, hemp grows boxes, and for excellent growth of indoor plantings even in winter.

What is a grow lighting kit for?

To grow most of the flora, certain conditions are required. Among other things, it is light that is considered one of the foundations of harmonious maturation. In the process of interaction of plantations with a light source, a photosynthesis reaction occurs, which has a key effect on the growth, health and vitality of each sprout individually and the entire plantation as a whole.

The experience and feedback of many private people and companies specializing in the year-round production of various fruit and berry, vegetable or ornamental crops clearly indicate the benefits and indisputable advantages of using high-tech lighting equipment.

Cooperation with Grow is a guarantee of stability!

By choosing to partner with GrowPro to order plant lighting equipment, our customers can count on a high-quality product. Thanks to our vast experience, we have compiled a range of equipment that allows you to achieve truly high results. The kit includes a set of necessary elements and accessories. Depending on the model, the complete set may vary, but as standard it includes:

  1. A reflector equipped with cooling.
  2. Ultraviolet lamps.
  3. Pulse lamps.
  4. Source of power.
  5. Overheating and overvoltage protection.

Using the catalog, each consumer in Ukraine has the opportunity to choose the most suitable combination of lamp power and the glow they emit. Delivery is possible not only here, but also to any city in the country. If you are interested in the most favorable ratio between cost and quality, the price offered by Grow is simply excellent, and the quality is evidenced by many grateful reviews!

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