Organic Flower Gardening

Organic Flower Gardening

If you’re thinking of having a flower garden this year, try to grow your flowers organically. Article by Organic flower gardening is something that’s getting very popular every year. There are many good reasons to do so. One of the reason for doing so is to help protect the environment. Another reason is the flowers will be stronger and healthier when grown organically. Starting an organic flower garden is very easy and it will save you a lot of money too.

Growing the flowers organically will require the light from the sun and water only so it’s important that the flowers get plenty of these two things. When choosing a location, make sure it’s a place where their is full sunlight all day or at least 6 hours of sunlight. Stay away from places like under trees and next to tall bushes and shrubs.

Before planting the flowers, make sure the soil has the right pH level by using a a soil test kit. The correct pH level for the soil should be at 7. If the solid is too acidic, adding lime to the soil will help improve the soil’s pH level. In addition, make sure the soil is free of any existing vegetation and weeds. These things can prevent the flower from growing, especially when the flowers depend only on water and sunlight to help them grow.

As the flowers start growing, add organic fertilizer to them. Compost makes an excellent fertilizer for the flowers. The compost can be anything from dinner scraps to grass clippings. If you are using grass clipping, make sure the grass isn’t treated with chemicals.

To control pest, instead of using pesticides, you can grow onions, garlic, and chives next to the flowers. This will help prevent any insects and other pests from destroying your flowers. In addition, when you don’t have to buy pesticides, you will be saving a considerable amount of money.

So if you are planning to start a flower garden this year, consider growing the flowers organically and you will be reaping a lot of benefits from it.

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