Stop Mosquito Bite Itch

Stop Mosquito Bite Itch

The best way to stop mosquito bite itch is to get the saliva out of the wound that the mosquito squirted into it. This saliva, used to keep the blood flowing, causes a mild allergic reaction or an infection resulting in the irritations of swelling and itching when it is attacked by the body’s immune system. If you can get it out soon, the bite will not itch. Some sort of astringent will cause the skin to pucker a little and squeeze it out

Some common home remedies for itchy mosquito bites are:

  1. Ice cube – rub the ice cube on the bite ASAP and cover with sticky tape this is the most popular remedy to stop mosquito bite itch.
  2. Salt – rub the bite with salt – second most popular way to stop mosquito bite itch.
  3. Put a drinking straw over the bite and suck the poison out.
  4. Lemon – rub the bite with fresh lemon to stop the urge to scratch.
  5. Calamine lotion is good for soothing many skin irritations including sunburn.
  6. Apple cider vinegar – pour a few drops of cider vinegar on the wound
  7. Soap – rub damp soap onto the bite.
  8. Nail varnish – dab a spot of nail varnish on the bite.
  9. Toothpaste – apply the toothpaste and allow it to dry.
  10. Witch hazel – rub a drop of witch hazel into the bite.
  11. Aloe vera – raw aloe vera or cosmetics containing aloe vera. The gel inside the raw leaf works very well on many skin problems.
  12. Deodorant – it is said that any deodorant works for some people to stop mosquito bite itch.
  13. Tea – strong tea from a tea bag will stop bites from itching.
  14. Mouth wash – rub a few drops of mouth wash into the wound for mosquito bite relief.
  15. Garlic salt – a variation on plain salt. It is claimed that garlic acts as a mosquito / insect repellent too.
  16. Banana skin – in Thailand it is said that the inside of a banana skin, rubbed on to any bite will relieve it. Also works on pimples.
  17. Baking soda – rubbed on gives instant relief from mosquito bite itch.
  18. Aspirin – either crush it into water and dab on or just rub the bite with the tablet or a bit .of powder scraped from it.
  19. Epsom salts – Epsom salts in water works for some to prevent infection from a mosquito bite.
  20. Meat tenderizer – meat tenderizer in water works to stop mosquito bite itch.
  21. Vick’s – Vick’s Vapour Rub is said to cure insect bite from itching.

That is a list of the most popular home remedies to stop mosquito bite itch that I know. If you want to add your favourite remedies for mosquito bites to the list, please email them to me. Then there are the commercial creams, that will stop mosquito bite itch. There are hundreds of them, but my favourites are:

  1. Sam Bak – or Thai green cream, you can see the mosquito’s yellow-green saliva come out and solidify in the air.
  2. Tiger Balm – either the white or the brown one, but I think that the brown one is better.

One of these remedies is bound to stop mosquito bite itch for you. I am sure that they do not all work for everybody, but I am also sure that they all work for some people – the way to stop mosquito bite itch can be a personal thing.

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